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......@@ -491,17 +491,17 @@ Default value : *yes*
If set to yes, the amount of HTTP requests made by a user will be limited during a period of time.
More info rate limiting [here](https://www.nginx.com/blog/rate-limiting-nginx/).
Values : *Xr/s* | *Xr/m*
Default value : *20r/s*
The rate limit to apply when `USE_REQ_LIMIT` is set to *yes*. Default is 10 requests per second.
Values : *<any valid integer\>*
Default value : *40*
The number of of requests to put in queue before rejecting requests.
Values : *Xm* | *Xk*
Default value : *10m*
The size of the cache to store information about request limiting.
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